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Church Directory

Contact Position Email Phone
Tommy Conway Priest church@saintfabian.com 601-467-5620
Truett Roberts Deacon 601-370-5710
Emergency Emergency 601-467-7660
Amanda Bailey Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors 601-408-1053
Pam Dalme Altar Guild 601-466-2167
Kelly Oliver Home Mass 601-818-1751
Joyce Hyelander Choir 832-860-8080
Serena Buckley youth@saintfabian.com 601-520-0670
Jill Jordan Social Events socialevents@saintfabian.com 601-543-5403
Rhonda Irizarry Social Events socialevents@saintfabian.com 601-310-5869
Deles Roberts Pastoral Assistant 601-467-7421
Julia Bagingito Altar Servers 601-462-9679
Ann Norwood CCD 601-310-0963
David Oliver RCIA 601-310-0963
Amanda Whiddon Children’s Church 601-467-6513
Denis & Jean Wiesenburg Social Services 601-818-7191
Pearl Nelson Adult & Young Adult Scripture Leaders 601-310-1284
Nancy Farris Krewe of Saint Fabian kreweofsaintfabian@gmail.com 601-408-6089
Lester Dalme Seating and Sound 601-447-6128
Don Barlow Seating and Sound 601-408-4738
Judy Liaw Announcements announcements@saintfabian.com 662-312-2506
Prayer Request 601-297-7839